Psuedo realtime Daylight Simulations

Daylight Simulations were pre-processed and fed into a simple 2-dimensional array. These could then be analysed in real time to study the effects of incoming daylight into space by altering the width and height of apertures on the exterior. Daylight availability is computed on radiance with the geometry being fed in from grasshopper. Results are compiled using VVVV (an extremely rudimentary 2-dimensional array constructed to locate and load images..)

Animation in right corner indicates the scaling of apertures on the North facade of a hypothetical building in New York while the one in center displays the incoming daylight at a height 1m above ground. Radiance rendered interior shots (pseudo-real time ;)) to follow soon.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “Psuedo realtime Daylight Simulations“, posted with vodpod
Simulation Credits : Karthik Dondeti, Andrea Dorotan, Sabrina Leon
Grasshopper and Radiance Credits : Jeff Niemasz, Kera Lagios, Christoph Reinhart

~ by Karthik Dondeti on November 22, 2009.

7 Responses to “Psuedo realtime Daylight Simulations”

  1. Very cool – what are you using to process the daylight simulations? I’ve been working on something similar with a colleague scripting a link between Grasshopper and Radiance – is this radiance based?

  2. Yes. This is a link between Grasshopper and Radiance. This was presented in the 8th International Radiance Workshop held in Harvard this year by the people I named above in the credits (grasshopper and radiance).


  3. Amazing .. really interesting topic. I’m goin to blog about it also.

  4. What is the interface on the left hand side with the vertical sliders?


    This is the interface. Its a pretty cool toolkit. Btw, the only reason i use it here is to be able to quickly load the images from the database. Ideally, a flash interface would be good. I had no time for action-scripting.

  6. very cool. You might be interested to check out – has a couple videos + GH definitions utilizing the grasshopper-radiance link we’re working with.

  7. hey! I checked the blog.. very cool stuff! I should spread the word around in community here. very glad to know about your work!!

    i have an updated version to the work here wherein a radiance render and false color images were integrated to the existing toolkit, and we are now hoping to integrate a glare analysis to this.

    with some neat GUI in Flash, and a more appealing interface, we guess the toolkit should help the community at large understand daylighting as a parameter in the design process as opposed to the current format of superimposing an analysis on an existing design 😉

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