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36 hour marathon in an attempt to assemble the “box”.  Under-estimating density of threads/ hand-cut of a zillion notches since the laser machines decide to throw up at critical time/ surprise moments when there was no available space to put hand inside “box” for assembly/ thread depth that disallowed “weave” at corners and non-afford ability of ton of red-bulls, all eventually resulted in a semi-complete model (hope to finish assembling it soon) albeit an interesting one.

click on images for enlarged versions.

Image below, a small scale model under partial test conditions. The weave seemed to work perfectly. Following the excitement, got ambitious 😉 and scaled the model up only to realize much later, there was no space for one thread to turn inside another for the interlocking 😦


The much anticipated final “box” 😉 A series of modelling and render studies had to be undertaken before attempting to calculate “notches” on the threads.

All the coding’s on Mathcad yet again. Fairly straight forward conditional statements. The range here becomes extremely critical, since the box subdivision parameters were hard coded and not parametric (things got fairly complicated by now and code extremely long. Debugging was a big pain. So, beyond a point, the subdivision parameters were simply hard coded).

click below to enlarge, for a detail math.

The piecemeal function was reduced to a simple box at its most basic version and then coded sequentially building up/ breaking down the box iteratively. The scale of the box is a direct reflection of the “levels” of subdivision – in this case 3.


~ by Karthik Dondeti on December 18, 2009.

2 Responses to “bOX PARAMETRIC .. !”

  1. i am yet 2 see your video…but 1 question for u…will i ever understand what u r saying? 😀
    i feel completely lost

  2. sheer determination don !!! as inspiring as always …eldo

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