Recursive Protocols

This was an exercise in scripting a fine balance between the high levels of complexity generated by recursive logic and the relatively lower levels of complexity necessitated by fabrication methods. Recursive logic coupled with curated curves, sets the stage for multiple branching structures to “interact” with each other in an attempt to lend stability and facilitate growth. This attempt, currently semi automated, informs the next step in complete automation that will negate prescribing curves. Shown here are diagrams representing the outputs from scripting recursive protocols and fabricating partial mockup of the structure.

Rhino Scripting + Rhino Nest + Microsoft Excel + MasterCam + RobotMaster

Random info :
25 Sheets of Black coated aluminum 3’x4’x0.03″ cut into 560 pieces
25 Sheets of Plywood 3’x4’x0.25″ used to support aluminium on the waterjet bed
90 hrs (including re-cut pieces) waterjet cutting on 5 axis robot
Couple of thousand rivets
20 hrs assembling time

Team Credits : Karthik Dondeti, Fai Au, Jeremy Keagy, Evangelos Kotsioris, Yin Xiao

Course : 2408 InOrganic Assemblies (Spring 2010, GSD Harvard)
Instructor : Marc Fornes (


~ by Karthik Dondeti on May 29, 2010.

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  2. Can’t wait to see MORE good stuff here… !
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  5. Can’t wait to see MORE good stuff here… !Post soon…

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