Parametric[+]Generative. Modeling Topologically complex surfaces.

Series of surface studies have been undertaken with an aim to describe topologically complex surfaces based on generative geometric principles, two of which are shown here.

While the first set was an attempt to describe a knot surface (topologically complex) by subjecting two 3dimensional splines through a series of operations (rules) that are inherently simple in nature; the second set of surfaces was an attempt to embed parametric intelligence within the generative geometric model (in this case, the surface developed was an “approximation” of a  triply periodic minimal surface from the batwing family). This facilitates the study of variations within the surface so built and hence a deeper understanding of the volumetric variations that could perhaps lead to a possible architectural intervention. The surface after being discretized, was subjected to a simple modular population act which at its local scale was also embedded with parametric intelligence. This allowed for a powerful model of a complex topological surface that owing to its ability to be controlled at both its global and local scales with a different set of parameters, facilitated its easy “taming”.

The above set of operations were implemented within the Digital Projects interface (Geometric modeling + Powercopies + Knowledge Patterns).
Advisor : Andrew Witt;  from the course 2107m1 (Fall 2010, GSD Harvard)

Knot Surface.

Triply Periodic Minimal Surface – Batwing family.
For more info : Schoen’s batwing surface

Surface construction sequence

Parametric Variations

Physical model

Module Population


~ by Karthik Dondeti on October 25, 2010.

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